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KMC Extra Light Bicycle Chain

KMC Extra Light Bicycle Chain


This KMC Extra Light (EL) Chain is a lightweight chain, which features KMC's bespoke double-X durability and X-Bridge technology. The chain is compatible with all road and MTB systems and has the added advantage of a non-directional design.

Durable Chain

Compared to other renowned chain brands, KMC X-series chains live longer - as proven in many road tests. To back up this claim KMC is the only chain manufacturer offering a unique satisfaction warranty.


  • Size: 1/2" x 11/128"
  • Links: 116
  • Pin Length: 5.65mm
  • Double-X durability
  • Titanium nitride gold coated
  • X-Bridge uses specially designed outer plates to enable fast, smooth and precise shifts
  • Weight: 262g Silver, 252g Gold


  • Non-Directional Design: Assembly of this chain is independent of direction. It allows maximum compatibility on MTB or race bikes: this chain fits all.
  • X-Bridge: This is on the outer plate, configured with precisely articulated angles for quicker and smoother gear shifting and quieter riding. Lightweight shorter length pins combine with high-grade materials to reduce weight. Tensile strength safety is assured with a minimum 1020kgf above ISO standards.
  • Enhanced Durability: With unique SP (stretch-proof) treatment, the durability has been effectively enhanced by reducing the attrition between inner plates and pin. As a result, chain life has been significantly prolonged.
  • Pin Power: The unique KMC "Bulls-Eye" pin mushrooming technique provides 200kgf of average pin power for unsurpassed side plate retention.




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